Azerbaijan is a country in Central Asia and away from the typical tourist trail. I combined it with a backpacking trip to Georgia and Armenia.

  • I have used and can recommend the Lonely Planet Guide for Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.
  • On my route I flew to Baku and made a day trip to Qobustan. A day in Baku was a bit short and I can recommend two days. Then we went by night train from Baku to Sheki. One day was enough to see Sheki and Kis. We spend a day to get from Sheki to Tbilisi, the capitcal of Georgia via the border crossing at Balkans.
  • As a German, a visa is required and we had to apply online.
  • Book the night train in advance (link on Rome2Rio), we were traveling with the wood class and it was fully booked.
  • There is still a conflict today between Armenia and Azerbaijan. If you were in certain areas of Armenia, you are not allowed to enter Azerbaijan. Therefore, it is recommended to travel first to Azerbaijan and then to Armenia.
  • Baku

    The capital Baku is located on the Caspian Sea and has a modern downtown with unique architecture. Baku is known from Formula 1 and for its Flame Towers. Recommended is the fire temple and the burning mountain Yanar Dag.

  • Kis

    North of Sheki lies the small village of Kis with its Caucasus Albanian churches.

  • Mud volcanoes at Qobustan

    The mud volcanoes are a unique natural phenomenon. Natural gas escapes from the earth, which hits on mud and thus has a volcano effect.

  • Oil rigs in the Caspian Sea

    Azerbaijan is prosperous due to its oil extracted from the soil and with oil platforms from the Caspian Sea.

  • Qobustan

    From Baku, you can make a day trip to Qobustan. It is known for its ancient and well-preserved cave paintings.

  • Sheki

    Sheki is known for its caravansaries and summer palace of Shaki Khan. Sheki is connected by night train from Baku.



  • Transportation in and around Baku can be planned with Google Maps.
  • Transportation between cities such the overnight train from Baku to Sheki can be found on Rome2Rio.
  • Otherwise, the transport is described on WikiVoyage.
  • Check the prices for taxis in advance or you will pay twice the price or more.