Trinidad & Tobago are each an island and together a country in the Caribbean.

  • I stayed 4 days on Trinidad & Tobago:
    • Day 1: Arrival by plane from Grenada to Port of Spain.
    • Day 2: Sightseeing of Port of Spain. Day 3: Excursion to Caroni Bird Sanctuary. Day 4: Departure by plane from Port of Spain to Georgetown (Guyana).
  • About 40% of the population is from India. This is because, after the prohibition of slaves, hard-working hands were needed.
  • Trinidad is not a typical holiday destination. It lives from the production of oil and gas.
  • I used for my planning and can recommend the Lonely Planet for the Caribbean Islands.

Impressions from my Vlog

  • Caroni Bird Sanctuary

    The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is located south of Port of Spain. You ride a boat through marshy areas and we saw snakes in the trees, lots of crabs, colorful birds and storks. There is a daily tour in the afternoon and you should reserve in advance that my hostel took over for me. More information is available on their website.

  • Port of Spain

    The capital Port of Spain has in the center a museum, a botanical garden and a zoo.


  • I found the most budget accommodation on HostelWorld.
  • I can recommend as location the capital Port of Spain. It's centrally located and you can explore the rest of the island cost-effective with buses. In Port of Spain is also the ferry port to get to Trinidad.
  • I stayed at a hostel (Pearl's Guest House) in Port of Spain. It was a bit run down, but it is about 20 minutes walk from the central bus station. I had a single room and shared showers.


  • Getting there:
    • It has an international airport.
    • Cruise ships
    • There is a ferry to Venezuela, I do not know if it's operating due to the crisis.
  • Budget transport from the airport to the city:
    • There are large buses from the airport to the central bus station in Port of Spain. The ticket must be purchased in advance in a kiosk in the airport for 4 TTD (0.53 €). It's not possible on the bus. The buses run only from Monday to Friday, about every hour.
  • Budget transport on Trinidad:
    • The government operates large buses that start from the central bus station in Port of Spain. You must first buy the bus ticket at a counter at the bus stop, it is not possible on the bus. At the weekend, bus traffic is severely limited. More information is available on their website.
    • For activities, the public bus company offers "Know your Country Tours" every day. It is meant for the locals to get to know their own country better. You can find a calendar with the activities here. You can only buy the ticket from Monday to Friday at the central bus station in Port of Spain. There you will also get more information about the tour. I wanted to book one, but this was not possible at the weekend and the starting point was also another city.
    • Furthermore, there are Maxi Taxi and some other means of transport. My only experience was a shared taxi on Sunday from Port of Spain to Caroni Bird Sanctuary. The driver said he could drop me off for 15 TTD nearby. I ask if he can drop me off for 20 TTD (2.66 €) right at the entrance.

Food & Drinks

  • The prices in the supermarkets are similar to those in Germany. Significantly cheaper than on the other Caribbean islands.
  • Roti is often offered due to the high number of Indian inhabitants. It is a big stuffed dumpling with vegetables and delicious Indian spices.


  • In guidebooks and testimonials, you may have heard that Trinidad & Tobago should not be such a safe country.
  • In the capital, Port of Spain, you should avoid the eastern part of the city.
  • Due to the low tourism one falls quickly. As I walked through the city, many poor people looked at me. Nevertheless, I felt safe, because I showed a strong self-confidence.
  • I set some rules and nothing happened to me or was stolen:
    • I just stayed in the city center and did not walk blindly in side streets.
    • When it got dark, I was back at the accommodation and did not go out on the street.
    • Always keep your eyes open and keep an eye on your surroundings.
    • I only used valuable electronics such as the SLR camera in the zoo and did not usually get them out.
    • I do not wear a watch or precious jewelry.
    • I only had a gym bag with me and not my daypack.