St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a country in the Caribbean. St. Vincent is the largest island and the Grenadines is an island chain.

Impressions from my Vlog

Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent is the northernmost island with an international airport. I liked in the capital Kingston the botanical garden with the rare St. Vincent parrot. I was on a day trip along the West Coast at a filming location of Pirates of the Caribbean (Wallibou Anchorage), hiked the Vermont Nature Trail and had a good view from Fort Charlotte.


The island of Bequia is located south of Saint Vincent and is connected by a ferry. I made a day trip and visited the turtle breeding station “Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary” with the rare Hawksbill turtles. I spend the rest of the day at the “Princess Margaret Beach” and snorkeled.

Travel Tips


  • I stayed for 4 days on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:
    • Day 1: Arrival by plane from Castries (Saint Lucia) to Kingston. In the evening, I was in the botanical garden in Kingston.
    • Day 2: Day trip to Bequia.
    • Day 3: Day trip along the western coast with the filming location of Pirates of the Caribbean, the Vermont Nature Trail and Fort Charlotte.
    • Day 4: Departure by plane from Kingston to Bridgetown (Barbados).
  • I used for my planning and can recommend the Lonely Planet for the Caribbean Islands.


  • Getting there:
    • Saint Vincent has an international airport.
    • Cruise ships
    • Island hopping from Grenada
  • From the airport to the city:
    • At the airport on Saint Vincent are only taxis and no public transport.
    • A few minutes walk away is the “Windward Highway”, where buses go to Kingston. On the road to the highway, I met a bus that I took to Kingston. He also drove past the airport to take local people who work there.
  • Budget transport on Saint Vincent:
    • There are two highways that start in the capital Kingston:
      • Leeward Highway: Lies on the western side of the island.
      • Windward Highway: Lies on the eastern side of the island.
    • There are two bus stops in Kingston, where minibuses run in the direction of the two highways.
    • The minibuses have different final destinations. Ask on the spot for the right bus. The people are nice and helpful.
    • Each minibus has a driver and a conductor who opens the door and collects the money.
    • The cost of the minibus depends on the route. I paid between 1 and 5 EC (€ 0.33 to € 1.66).
    • The minibuses drive at an extremely high speed on the narrow streets. Once the driver drank a rum before departure. From time to time the driver also had a beer. Such that no one must wait, up to four people are squeezed into a row.
  • The islands are connected by ferries. There are several providers and you can find the schedule and price for “Bequia Express” on their website.


  • I found the most budget accommodation on AirBNB.
  • I can recommend as location the capital Kingston. It’s centrally located and you can explore the rest of the island cost-effective with minibuses. In Kingston is also the ferry port to get to the other islands.
  • I stayed in an AirBNB at New Montrose, which was a 20-minute walk from the bus stops.

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