St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a country in the Caribbean. St. Vincent is the largest island and the Grenadines is an island chain.

  • I stayed for 4 days on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:
    • Day 1: Arrival by plane from Castries (Saint Lucia) to Kingston. In the evening, I was in the botanical garden in Kingston.
    • Day 2: Day trip to Bequia.
    • Day 3: Day trip along the western coast with the filming location of Pirates of the Caribbean, the Vermont Nature Trail and Fort Charlotte.
    • Day 4: Departure by plane from Kingston to Bridgetown (Barbados).
  • I used for my planning and can recommend the Lonely Planet for the Caribbean Islands.

Impressions from my Vlog

  • Bequia

    The island of Bequia is located south of Saint Vincent and is connected by a ferry. I made a day trip and visited the turtle breeding station “Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary” with the rare Hawksbill turtles. I spend the rest of the day at the “Princess Margaret Beach” and snorkeled.

  • Saint Vincent

    Saint Vincent is the northernmost island with an international airport. I liked in the capital Kingston the botanical garden with the rare St. Vincent parrot. I was on a day trip along the West Coast at a filming location of Pirates of the Caribbean (Wallibou Anchorage), hiked the Vermont Nature Trail and had a good view from Fort Charlotte.


  • I found the most budget accommodation on AirBNB.
  • I can recommend as location the capital Kingston. It's centrally located and you can explore the rest of the island cost-effective with minibuses. In Kingston is also the ferry port to get to the other islands.
  • I stayed in an AirBNB at New Montrose, which was a 20-minute walk from the bus stops.


  • Getting there:
    • Saint Vincent has an international airport.
    • Cruise ships
    • Island hopping from Grenada
  • From the airport to the city:
    • At the airport on Saint Vincent are only taxis and no public transport.
    • A few minutes walk away is the "Windward Highway", where buses go to Kingston. On the road to the highway, I met a bus that I took to Kingston. He also drove past the airport to take local people who work there.
  • Budget transport on Saint Vincent:
    • There are two highways that start in the capital Kingston:
      • Leeward Highway: Lies on the western side of the island.
      • Windward Highway: Lies on the eastern side of the island.
    • There are two bus stops in Kingston, where minibuses run in the direction of the two highways.
    • The minibuses have different final destinations. Ask on the spot for the right bus. The people are nice and helpful.
    • Each minibus has a driver and a conductor who opens the door and collects the money.
    • The cost of the minibus depends on the route. I paid between 1 and 5 EC (€ 0.33 to € 1.66).
    • The minibuses drive at an extremely high speed on the narrow streets. Once the driver drank a rum before departure. From time to time the driver also had a beer. Such that no one must wait, up to four people are squeezed into a row.
  • The islands are connected by ferries. There are several providers and you can find the schedule and price for "Bequia Express" on their website.