Liechtenstein is a tiny country in Europe, located between Austria and Switzerland, with less than 40,000 inhabitants.

Vaduz Castle

Famous in the capital Vaduz is Vaduz Castle, which you will see from afar on a hill. You can walk up the steep hill in about 15 minutes from the city center. Along the way are signs that describe the history of the country. When you arrive at the castle, you will find out that you cannot enter it. The reason is obvious, the princely family still lives in the castle. On 15 August, however, is the national holiday of Liechtenstein and the castle is open to the public. The other option is to drive there by car. A parking lot is located about 150 m above the end.

Cathedral of Vaduz

If you walk around in the small town center, you will see the Cathedral of Vaduz. The front door is open and you can enter it for free. The cathedral is made of stones in natural shapes that give it a unique look.

Town Hall of Vaduz

In downtown Vaduz is the town hall, in Germany called Rathaus, in front are sculptures of animals.

Burg Gutenberg

A drive along the main road of Liechtenstein from Vaduz to the south takes you to the city of Balzers. As you approach the city, you can see Burg Gutenberg on the hill. You can hike up the mountain, but the castle is closed to the public. At the foot of the hill is a church worth a visit. It consists of naturally shaped stones such as the Vaduz Cathedral.


  • When I arrived in Vaduz by car and crossed the river Rhine, I didn't notice that I was already in Liechtenstein. When I saw a map at the tourist office, I realized that the river was already the border.
  • The national currency is Swiss francs. I bought post cards in the tourist office and paid in Euros. Some other shops, such as the souvenir shop in the city center of Vaduz, also accepted Euros. In the Coop supermarket I paid by credit card. At the end of the day, I did not have to exchange Swiss francs.
  • I was in Vaduz on Saturday, the September 2nd in 2017 and drone race has going on. It rained in the morning and only a few people appeared. I was amazed that they flew in the rain. The main race took place in the evening, but by this time I was already on my way back.
  • In my view, one day is enough to see the highlights. If you like hiking or cycling, you can spend a few extra days here.


  • To travel around you can either take the public bus, which has a poisonous green color, or go by car. I was traveling by car and had no border control from Switzerland to Liechtenstein.