Dominica is a country and an island in the Caribbean that is totally green and untouched.

  • I was for 4 days on Dominica
    • Day 1: Arrival by plane from Saint John's (Antigua & Barbuda).
    • Day 2: Hike to Boling Lake and the Twin Falls.
    • Day 3: Mornings Museum on Dominica and then trip along the coast east of Roseau to Scotts Head, Soufriere with the Bubble Spa Beach Bar and the Champagne Reef.
    • Day 4: Ferry from Roseau to Fort-de-France (Martinique, France)
  • I used for my planning and can recommend the Lonely Planet for the Caribbean Islands.

Impressions from my Vlog

  • Boiling Lake

    The highlight of Dominica was the hike to Boling Lake, the second largest hot water lake in the world. On the way were hot sulfur springs in a valley. The hike takes about 6 hours and it goes through the jungle, a lot of uphill and ropes down slopes and rivers. The reward is a beautiful landscape and a huge bubbling lake.

  • Champagner Reef

    At the Champagner reef rise bubbles from the seabed. It feels like you’re in a glass of champagne.

  • Roseau

    The capital Roseau is located in the south of the island and felt totally green. Worthwhile was the Museum about Dominica, that explains the creation of the island and the still living natives.


  • I found the most budget accommodation on AirBNB.
  • I can recommend as location the capital Roseau. It’s centrally located and you can explore the rest of the island cost-effective with buses. The ferries to Martinique, Guadalupe, and Saint Lucia also from here.
  • I stayed in an AirBNB about half an hour walk from the city center. The kitchen was very well-equipped and it had a beautiful view of the green Roseau, especially at breakfast.


  • Getting there
    • There is an airport.
    • Cruise ships
    • Ferry from Martinique, Guadalupe or Saint Lucia.
  • Budget transport from the airport to the city:
    • The airport is in the north of the island and there are only taxis and no public transport.
    • The government has set the price of 30 USD for a shared taxi to the capital, Roseau.
  • Budget transport on Dominica:
    • From Roseau go minibusses in all directions.
    • To the north of Roseau are hardly any buses, just about every hour or less.
    • East of Roseau will bus drive permanently as soon as they are full.