Bulgaria is a country in Europe, located on the Black Sea. Impressive was the Buzludzha Monument and the Rila Monastery.

Buzludzha Monument

Buzludzha Monument is a UFO-shaped building that was vandalized today.

Veliko Tarnovo

The city of Veliko Tarnovo impressed with a medieval fortress and a church with beautiful paintings.


Plovdiv is a city with a well-preserved ancient theater of the Romans.


The capital Sofia offers ruins of the Romans.

Rila Monastery

The Orthodox monastery Rila is one of the largest monasteries in Bulgaria and impressed by its size and location in the mountains.


  • I have been two times to Bulgaria. The first time I flew to Sofia and made a day trip to the Rila Monastery. Then I went by bus to Skopje (Moldova). The second time on a backpacking trip through several countries in Eastern Europe. I took the train from Bucharest (Romania) to Veliko Tarnovo. At the hostel I met two backpackers who were traveling by car with whom I drove to the Buzludzha Monument and then to Plovdiv. Then I went by bus to Istanbul (Turkey).