Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in southeastern Europe. Impressive were the nice people and the bridge of Mostar.


The capital Sarajevo has a modern and lively city center. The surrounding areas are still marked by the war. Impressive was the Sarajevo Tunnel, also known as the Tunnel of Hope, and the Olympic toboggan run.


The city of Mostar is known for the medieval arched bridge, from which locals occasionally jump 24 meters into the river below.

Kravica Waterfall

At the Kravice waterfall, you are allowed to bathe in and under the waterfall. From a rock in the middle of the waterfall you can jump from 6 meters into the water.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina offers good opportunities for rafting.

Interesting places

On an organized tour from the hostel offered some exciting places to visit. Impressive was Zeljava, an airport in the mountain, Blagaj Tekke, a monastery in the cliffs of a waterfall and beautiful scenery.

Bosnian Coffee

The Bosnian coffee is like the Turkish coffee and has a strong taste.


  • I traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina on a backpacking trip with Serbia. I took a minibus from Belgrade (Serbia) to Sarajevo. On an organized tour from the hostel I explored the surroundings and on a day trip I was rafting. Since I only had limited time, I made a day trip to Mostar and went to Kravica waterfall and other places from there. In retrospect, it would have been better to stay in Mostar. After that, I took the minibus back to Belgrade.