Barbados is a country and an island in the Caribbean.

  • I was for 4 days on Barbados:
    • Day 1: Arrival by plane from Kingston (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines).
    • Day 2: It was Sunday and almost all shops and museums in Bridgetown were closed. I was swimming in the sea.
    • Day 3: In the morning an excursion to the Animal Flower Cave and then to the Parliament Museum and Exchange Museum in Bridgetown.
    • Day 4: Departure by plane to Grenada.
  • Barbados looked very modern and is a starting point for cruise ships.
  • The currency is BBD (Barbadian Dollar), which is an index on the USD. 2 BBD are always exactly 1 USD.
  • I used for my planning and can recommend the Lonely Planet for the Caribbean Islands.

Impressions from my Vlog

  • Animal Flower Cave

    The Animal Flower Cave is a naturally eroded cave on the coast in northern Barbados. In it is a pool where you can swim.

  • Bridgetown

    The capital Bridgetown offers many museums. In the Parliament Museum with an interactive exhibition I learn about the history and independence of the Caribbean Islands from the British. The Exchange Museum had several exhibitions and I liked the one about Free Masons and Currencies. The beautiful Brownes Beach is also here.


  • I found the most budget accommodation on AirBNB.
  • I can recommend as location the capital Bridgetown or between Oistins and Bridgetown. It’s centrally located and you can explore the rest of the island cost-effective with buses.
  • I stayed at an AirBNB (Jo J' Hostel) in Oistins, that is actually a hostel. The owner Mr. John traveled a lot himself, knows the island very well and even picked me up from the bus station in Oistins.


  • Getting there:
    • There is an international airport
    • Cruise ships
  • Budget transport from the airport to the city:
    • At the airport are only taxis and no public transport.
    • A few minutes walk away is the road to the capital Bridgetown. There is a bus stop and there are regular minibusses.
  • Budget transport on Barbados:
    • There are minibusses and big buses in blue and yellow color.
    • The minibusses have a bus number and the big buses have a sign with the final destination. It's best to ask on the spot for the right bus.
    • The bus had sometimes a conductor, who opens the door and collects the money.
    • The bus always costs 3.50 BBD (1.75 USD), no matter how long the route is.