Albania is an up-and-coming country in Europe with nice people and still a real insider tip. Since my trip in 2016, I’ve heard that the number of tourists and prices are increasing every year.


The capital Tirana impressed with its colorful buildings. Worth seeing is Bunk’Art, a massive bunker designed to live underground for several years. Crazy how big this is, there was even a stage.


On the border to the north to Montenegro is the village of Shkodër with a beautiful old town.

Hiking from Theth to Valbona

The north of Albania offers beautiful scenery. I hiked from Theth to Valbona with all my luggage. Interesting are the bunkers that were built in the middle of the mountains beyond civilization for defense. Crossing the mountain pass offers a breathtaking view of two valleys. The next day’s ferry ride across Koman Lake through narrow gorges was a true relaxation after the hike.

Koman Lake


  • I traveled from Kosovo to Shkodra on a public bus and had to change buses at a motorway intersection. After visiting Shkodra, I joined a local person who went to Theth, from whom I hiked to Valbona the next day. On the following day, I took the ferry over the Koman Lake and traveled in the evening to Tirana via Shkodra. I explored this for a day and then went back home with a plane.
  • There are more beautiful places to explore and I will come back. I have been told about beautiful deserted sandy beaches and ancient attractions that make you want more.
  • I used the Lonely Planet for Europe to plan my trip.


  • There was no official bus system for transport between the cities. You have to tell the locals where you want to go, and they will send you in one direction. At some point you will meet private persons, who have minibuses and gather people together. When the bus is full, it starts.


  • Hostels are spread in Albania and I recommend booking at HostelWorld.