Paraguay is a country in South America and not on the typical tourist trail.

Impressions of my Vlog

Jesuit Mission

Highlight of Paraguay are the missionary villages of the Jesuits, a religious order of Catholic missionaries. The most famous are at Trinidad, the starting point for a day trip is the city of Encarnación.


The city of Encarnación has for the carnival a Sambadrome like in Rio de Janeiro and a beautiful sandy beach. In addition, it is the border crossing to the city Posada in Argentina.


  • I visited Paraguay on my world trip through Latin America. I crossed the border to Encarnación at Posada (Argentina) and made a day trip to Trinidad to the Jesuit missions and explored the city of Encarnación. Afterwards I crossed the border to Posada and took multiple buses to Montevideo (Uruguay) via Concordia and Salto.
  • I used for my planning and can recommend the Lonely Planet for South America and the Rough Guide for South America.