Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe that is away from the typical tourist trail.


The capital Chisinau of Moldova has a lot of buildings with Soviet architecture. When I was there, the midsummer eve festival was celebrated and traditional dances performed.

Orheiul Vechi

Orheiul Vechi is also known as Old Orhei is an ancient archaeological site with a cave monastery. I went with a public minibus and was one of the few tourists on that day.


  • I traveled to Moldova on a backpacking trip through several countries in Eastern Europe. I flew from Germany to Chisinau, explored it and made a day trip to Orheiul Vechi. After that, I flew to St. Petersburg. The flight with stopover in Chisinau was cheaper than a direct flight from Germany to St. Petersburg.
  • I have used the Lonely Planet Guide for Europe for planning and can recommend it for Moldova.