Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea of Europe.

Hala Sultan Tekke

The mosque Hala Sultan Tekke is at a salt lake near Larnaca and impressed with the reflection in the water.


The capital Nicosia is divided into two parts, the southern part belongs to Cyprus and the northern part, Northern Cyprus, to Turkey. The border crossing is in the city center.


The city of Kyrenia is located on the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Cyprus and impressed with the fortress by the sea, which looked like a pirate nest and the harbor at sunset.


The city of Limassol impressed with the modern seafront promenade and the old town.


The Kourion archaeological site near Limassol impressed with its size and artifacts.


The city of Paphos impressed with the tombs of the kings and the castle in the sea.


  • I combined Cyprus on a backpacking trip with the Middle East. I flew from Germany to Larnaca and explored the city and Hala Sultan Tekke. Then I went by bus to Nicosia, crossed the border and with a shared taxi to Kourion. Afterwards back to Nicosia and by bus to Limassol. I visited the city and made a trip to Kourion. Next, I went by bus to Paphos, explored the city and flew to Tel Aviv (Israel). It was cheaper to fly via Cyprus to Israel than a direct flight from Germany.


  • I took the bus for transport between the cities. For several people it is advisable to rent a car.